September 2023 | The Village Journal | Creating

September 2023 | The Village Journal | Creating
Dearest Friends,
Isn't it true that the most difficult things in life - those things that take careful thought, preparation, hard work, concentration, and follow-through are absolutely the most satisfying and bring us the most joy? 
Creating - making something from nothing - whether through writing, gardening, cooking, painting, woodworking, sewing, designing, making music, takes all of the aforementioned work and turns it into an often tangible piece of beauty and joy! 
Why is this something I forget so often? Why do I often use my precious moments of leisure to scroll on my phone, flip on a show, or consume, rather than create
It its true that our current culture challenges us in the regard - it has made consumption so terribly easy (two day shipping, pre-made food, screen and devices at every turn, etc.), and creativity is relegated to the back burner.  So, creating is my personal focus for this month and I hope you'll join me! 
Some tips for creating a home culture that prioritizes creating over consuming: 
- Try to keep the television out of the center of the home, or “hide” it when possible so it does not constantly provide temptation for little ones and adults alike!
- Keep a list on the fridge of those projects you wish you could take on “if only you had the time”. Perhaps the time will present itself and the list will be right there as a reminder! 
- Use a timer to “squeeze” in some creative time throughout the day. Start with just 10 minutes of your activity and increase it over time, if you can. Make it a family goal and do it together!
- Review your week. Did your creative time exceed your “consuming” time? (Consuming = television, scrolling on devices, shopping, etc.)
- It is a given that we will consume - so be deliberate about your choices. Consuming in moderation and with temperance can also teach valuable skills to little ones and develop into good habits we will carry on throughout life.
If the idea of taking on yet another “project” makes you throw up your hands in exasperation ("I can't do it all!") - not to worry. For many of us creating simply comes in the form of making three meals a day for our family, creating a clean home, and creating a space where your own family culture thrives. Perform the routine acts of your day with love and patience and you will have already created something lovely and of great importance.
Warmly, Blair 
Founder | The Village Green
"Handspun" by Floyd Skloot (b. 1947)
My wife sits in her swivel chair
ringed by skeins of multicolored yarn
that will become the summer sweater
she has imagined since September.
Her hand rests on the spinning wheel
and her foot pauses on the pedals
as she gazes out into the swollen river.
Light larking between wind and current
will be in this sweater. So will a shade
of red she saw when the sun went down.
When she is at her wheel, time moves
like the tune I almost recognize now
that she begins to hum it, a lulling
melody born from the draft of fiber,
clack of spindle and bobbin, soft
breath as the rhythm takes hold.
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Last month's theme was “The Joy of Music” and it was so fun learning about the music you love. There was such a beautiful variety - from movie soundtracks to love songs and classical pieces!  Just to name a few: 
“Oh dear…”The Battle” by Harry Gregson-Williams (nostalgic) or “Te deum - Prelude” by Charpentier OR possibly the “Je Vous Salue” ancient French pilgrimage chant (Floriani has an excellent rendition on Spotify)" -Maria
“Astral Weeks by Van Morrison” -Anon.
“Budapest by George Ezra” -Madison
“Let's just go with The Sound of Music!” -Emily
“The Way You Look Tonight (song played for our first dance at our wedding)” -Kelly
“The Sun Never Stays by Dan Forest (performed by Voces8)” -Emily
“The hymn ‘O God Beyond All Praising’” -Anon.
“Satie's Gymnopedie or Debussy's Clair de Lune” -Ella

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