Who We Are

Friends, I am the girl who insisted upon a blue and white toile bedspread in her childhood bedroom and installed a curtain rod for her green velvet curtains in her college dorm room. I have always been entranced by beauty and am constantly seeking ways to weave its charm more deeply into my life and home.

In 2021, my husband Jordan and I took the plunge and began our dream of creating beautiful collections of items to share with all of you. We knew we could use the internet to revitalize something sorely missing in the marketplace - a shop and community of kindred spirits inspired by the charm of the past. Specifically, by the beauty of quaint English villages, great literature, and feminine details.

We believe that we do not need to be nostalgic for the past - we can bring joy and beauty into our homes today.

This is why I'm here, and I'm so grateful you’re here too!